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I Before Giants

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Check Out: 'True North' EP

Although I Before Giants were conceived in early 2007, the band faced a hardship in 2009 when their keyboardist, Bradley Bendixen, passed away. When two more members left, morale plummeted further. In 2011, the remaining members wanted a fresh start, so they moved to Las Vegas where they retooled their lineup and began working on True North. Guitarist Cody Whaley believes things will continue to fall in place for his band. “I really want our fans to see us as normal dudes because we are,” he says. “I want everything to be as real as possible. No gimmicks.” Whaley says I Before Giants have been deemed as post-hardcore, but he’s pushing to have the band taken seriously as a progressive-metal act. “We don't really put an effort into putting out a sound that's different,” he says, “We just write what’s fun to play. So far kids are diggin’ it, so we are pretty pumped.”