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Real Friends

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Check Out: 'Everyone That Dragged You Here' EP

Vocalist Dan Lambton says when Real Friends came together in late 2010, he and the other members wanted to be in a band they could take seriously—but not too seriously. “Not to the point where we couldn't have any fun,” he says. “We were just sick of dealing with people who had enormous egos and/or no work ethic.” After putting out Everyone That Dragged You Here, Real Friends received a lot of momentum from fans spreading the word, posting Facebook statuses about them and Tweeting links to their Bandcamp page. “Word of mouth is a very strong method of getting a band out there,” Lambton says, “and we are so humbled to have people that care about our music enough to share it with their friends.” The self-described “pop-punk-with-a-hint-of-suburban-midwest-pop” outfit draw from a variety of influences. “We try to keep an open mind when writing our music,” says Lambton.