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Spark The Fire

Rocks Like: Quietdrive, Cartel, Go Radio

Check Out: 'Virginia Is For Lovers' EP

Mike Kovarik, one-half of Reston, Virginia, pop-rock duo Spark The Fire, grew up playing guitar, but gave it up when he was 19, due to school and other priorities. That all changed in 2009 when he took himself—and his tax return—to Guitar Center and bought an acoustic guitar. After getting back in touch with longtime friend Ben Coffinberger, the two began collaborating on music, playing a few shows along the way. “Me and Ben have always been friends, but have had our ups and downs like any friendship,” says Kovarik. “We just recognized that we are both talented individuals who love writing music and performing for people. When we combine our talents, it makes the end product that much better.” Kovarik is currently writing new material with the hopes of releasing it next year. --Brittany Moseley