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Check Out: 'Dealing With Depression'

Family Cat have gone through a rotation of members from the local Richmond, Virginia, music scene since 2010. Vocalist Tyler Walker admits that his band’s name was created as a joke during a drive to Taco Bell, but they’re a bit more serious now. Walker says his band sound “kind of an indie/emo/punk sound from the 90s” and claims all their songs are about “self-loathing and depression.” Well, their songs might be bleak, their luck has been far from it. “Scotty from Death To False Hope Records put our EP up on his site,” he says. “Cats? Aye! Records in the U.K. put up our songs, and so did S.P. Records in Japan.” Next up: getting Dealing With Depression issued on vinyl, releasing a new 7-inch called Smoke Cigarettes, and of course, touring