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This Wild Life

Rocks Like: Go Radio, We The Kings, Mayday Parade

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Although Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso, the guys behind This Wild Life, play stripped-down acoustic pop, both got their start playing drums. Despite playing together in a pop-punk band and working at the same music store, it was their shared love of early Dashboard Confessional that made them put down their drumsticks and pick up acoustic guitars. “The reason I picked up the guitar in the first place was to sing along to my favorite songs on Swiss Army Romance, so it definitely comes through in our songwriting,” explains Jordan. “That being said, we do our own thing. My vocals tend to be soft and I use some falsetto here and there. Anthony is great at fingerpicking, so there's a slight folk influence to our guitar style as well.” The duo have two EPs under their collective belt, and are currently in the studio with Aaron Marsh of Copeland recording their debut full-length. [Brittany Moseley]