Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace chats with APTV Nashville correspondent Philip Obenschain about  the band’s plans for the coming months, including the release of a new live album as well as what is beyond that and what fans should expect from their next full-length compared to their most recent album Transgender Dysphoria Blues.

“It was an odyssey,” Laura laughs in reference to the amount of time the album took. “I’m hoping it’s not as much as an odyssey for this record and it can be all smooth-sailing.”

On album themes, social consciousness and political focus she notes, “I think sometimes the most relevant politics are what you know personally and the way that applies to you life. Often times, when you’re young and you’re in punk bands and you’re making commentary on issues that are bigger, global issues, while it’s not necessarily not valid, it’s sometimes hard to feel as confident in your views on them,” she says.

“I think it was Ian Mackaye who said, ‘Your emotions are nothing but politics,’ and I believe that.”

Plus: What has she been listening to lately, how is she adjusting to the climate of her new home in Chicago as a Floridian and what do Against Me! think of the eclectic fanbase they’ve accumulated over the years?

Stay tuned to APTV tomorrow for part two of our interview in which Laura talks her AOL series True Trans.