APTV Los Angeles correspondent Nick Major catches up with Our Last Night in part two of our Summer Breakout series highlighting emerging, standout artists this year. 

The band delve into their early history (and we mean early. Did you know vocalist Trevor Wentworth was TEN when he and his brother Matt started the band?)

Having started at such a young age, the band still have plenty of time ahead of them to grow and are only expected to keep rising after a series of cover songs brought to the attention of a whole new audience—a feat that has helped them hone their craft as songwriters. Now when you hear an OLN song, it's tough not to sing along, as we learned from watching the band's sets on this years Warped Tour. 

Be sure to check out their new album Younger Dreams and stay tuned to APTV to get to know more of this summer's breakout stars! 

EPISODE #1: Bebe Rexha


Video/Editing: Nick Major Instagram

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