Los Angeles' B.LaY whom many of you were introduced to last year via Ronnie Radke's mixtape is back, this time at the forefront with Radke at his side for this new track “Days Go By.”

In the song's APTV-exclusive video, B.LaY uses heavy symbolism to represent the song's message—staying passionate and focused and overcoming boundaries:

“The concept of the video is about breaking through hardship and getting through to the other side and not giving a fuck about what people think and just being you,” says  B.LaY. “The chains in the video represent chains and locks that we have in our minds that can keep us trapped and as days go by we have to keep ourselves motivated as times get hard. The television is a symbol of not getting stuck in the mainstream universal conformity as represented by static and me sitting on top of it concurring it. Triangles represent change and owning oneself and their innate abilities.”

Lay also spoke to us about the his crossover position between the rap world and the AP scene, stating that what he's taken away from the Warped Tour world is passion:

“When writing the song I was asked if I'm going to rob rappers as the lyrics may imply, but it's a metaphor for robbing their spot of fame as they are slacking passion wise. Being in the Warped and rock circuit for the past 3-plus years, I have came to be molded by the honestly and passion in the artform, and I just took that applied it to my rap.”

B.LaY's mixtape Initiation is available to download for free.

Directed by:
Tony Tomasino

Director of Photography :
Colin Jacob

Grip and Electric:
Dustin Evans