APTV’s  Nick Major chatted with Jeremy McKinnon and Kevin Skaff of A Day To Remember at the third annual Self-Help festival.

In the video, the guys discuss what sparked the idea of Self-Help.

“It was something we were always throwing around with our management team because they were really big on helping us make something that was our very own thing, and this is what we focused on,” McKinnon says. “[We] came up with a name and subject that kind of matters to our genre of music, and we just wanted to put on something that really took care of the bands backstage as well.”

Being some of the biggest news as of late, the ADTR powerhouses gave us the details about bringing on Underoath for their first announced post-reunion show.

“We just figured the people that like our music would be as excited about that as we were,” McKinnon says.

Watch the video and get the scoop on past shows, the “Paranoia” music video and future music from A Day To Remember!