The five members of Too Close To Touch each share a fact about the band in this APTV video, and some of their stories are pretty interesting.

For instance, guitarist Thomas Kidd became a Star Wars fan around the time that he started to get into music. “I started growing a padawan braid,” he says. Then, when he and the other guys in Too Close To Touch signed a record label, he cut it off, in true Jedi knight fashion.

Singer Keaton Pierce shows off Catfish Stevens, the band's touring pet. He explains how they got the large stuffed catfish, when someone at one of their shows flung it onstage. Pierce says he tried to keep his composure, then yelled into the microphone, “Help this fish swim!” and the crowd went crazy.

“Yeah, we're weird,” says Pierce.

Check out the video to learn other facts about Too Close To Touch!


Video/Editing: Bobby Makar
Segment Producer/Director: Cassie Whitt