Jamie's Elsewhere, Left to right:
Mike Spearman – Keys/programming, Matt Scarpelli – Guitar, Justin Kyle – Vocals, Chance Mederios – Bass, Don Vedda – Guitar

Jamie's Elsewhere are very excited to introduce the world to their their new lineup and sound as they unleash “A Ghost With An Image,” produced by Nick Sampson. Of the song, new vocalist Justin Kyle says, 

“The song is about one of my best friends who fell victim to drug abuse. She was the nicest, most caring person I had ever met until she changed for the worst like so many young people do by getting caught up with the wrong crowd and being introduced to drugs. 

She was the type of person who would do anything for anyone. She would literally “give the shirt straight off her back,” and now shes an addict often on the verge of suicide.

The song explains how many times I tried to help this person but in the midst I was lied too over and over again and realizing no one could help her until she wanted to help herself.

Basically “A Ghost with an Image” is my testimony of watching one of my best friends who was once one of the strongest most caring people I've ever met deteriorate in front me and I couldn't do anything to stop it.”


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