Silverstein guitarists Josh Bradford and Paul Marc Rousseau duke it out in this video challenge where they quiz each other on topics they know pretty much nothing about.

Josh is a whiz of all things movies, while Paul is somewhat of an expert on sports. Rousseau starts off by simply asking Bradford to explain the game of basketball. While he may not have been quite on point, the confidence in his delivery would surely earn him an “A” for effort in our book.

“Obviously there’s a ball involved. It’s a ball sport. I am able to know that,” Bradford explains. “I believe there is some sort of basket, and I think the object of the game is you put the ball in the basket, and you try and carry that on your back to your nana’s house while you’re going over for tea and crumpets.”

Bradford asks Rousseau to describe the characters in Star Wars. Paul’s responses were entertaining to say the least! He refers to R2D2 as the “white bucket guy,” and C-3PO as the “gold man.” Apparently, Indiana Jones is in the movie as well.

“There’s a big, fat sluggish thing. I don't know what it does. Is it just there? Do they have to shoot it? Do they live with it?” Rousseau says. “Yoda is another character from the movie, and he’s got to do whole lot of stuff. He’s there just making sure that everyone’s safe.”

The video concludes with Rousseau’s epic Yoda impression. You’re not going to want to miss this—these guys are hilarious. —Sarah Force

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Videographer/Editor: Bobby Makar
Segment Director: Cassie Whitt
Concept: Silverstein