Bet you didn't know this! During our recent “10 Things You Didn't Know” session, Our Last Night dropped this bomb of a story. 

“Our European bus driver stole $20,000 and left us stranded, then disappeared.” 

They knew something was strange when the bus driver started the day wanting to park their van miles from the venue, but they didn't think too much of it, because, apparently, the guy had had a lot of instances of erratic behavior. 

So, the band went into the venue to play the show as usually, the bus driver having even encouraged them, “Go in there and make that money!” 

But when they left the venue that night, something was amiss—or, rather, missing

Watch the video to find out what went down that rainy night in Germany. 

Be careful who you trust.


Videographer/Editor: Bobby Makar
Director/Producer: Cassie Whitt