“The idea is that you press play and you can exist in that place for a little while and escape there. That's what we try to do with our records, because that's what our favorite records did for us.” —Will Gould, Creeper

Creeper are among the most promising young punk-rock bands rising through our scene this year. With only a couple years as a band under their belts, they've already been selling out headlining shows and are signed to a a major label. But that's not where the story begins. 

The band have the mileage and the hard work behind them to back the fortuitous new venture, which we delved into in this APTV-exclusive interview filmed on the band's first North American tour. 

We went in-depth with Creeper's founding members vocalist Will Gould and guitarist Ian Miles to learn about the band's origins, growing pains, influences, aesthetics, philosophies and more. 

“Even though our slogan is 'Misery never goes out of style,' I don't want anyone to think we encourage focusing on that. I think it's really important that there's a message of hope with this, and I think that's what we try to inspire any time we do anything with Creeper,” says Gould.

Video/Editing: Bobby Makar 
Segment Producer/Interview: Cassie Whitt 

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