Pierce The Veil vocalist Vic Fuentes and bassist Jaime Preciado chat with APTV Los Angeles correspondent Nick Major about the recording of their new album, working with producer Dan Korneff again, writing in the studio and how their studio dog actually ended up writing half the songs.

Plus, where should you look to find discarded Pierce The Veil songs?

“We put them up on old social media sites like Myspace,” Fuentes jokes. “The whole record has been on Friendster for like a month and nobody even knows.”

Beyond the album, the two also talk about Preciado’s goal of obtaining his pilot’s license.

“I’m like 30 hours in [to my training],” Preciado says before going into a fantasy world (encouraged by our mischievous Major) wherein the rest of the band learn to parachute and he flies them in for grand entrances at all their shows.

“I don’t support any of what you guys just said,” Fuentes says, shutting down the whole wild operation.

Deep sigh. Deep, deep sigh. Just watch for all this and more PTV shenanigans.