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Gameface - “Picture Day” video premiere

You either remember it, or still have to face it annually—picture day. The dreaded day where you show up to school dressed to the tens, are handed sketchy plastic combs to drag through your hair and sit awkwardly straight against some mundane backdrop to fake a smile for a picture that will probably look like a two-dimensional caricature of yourself. It's not exactly the way you want to be remembered. 

With their new video for "Picture Day," Gameface explore the topic of personal identity using the metaphor of its namesake.

"Everyone wants to be seen as the best possible version of themselves," says vocalist/guitarist Jeff Caudill. "Director George Nienhuis really brings this to life for us. The band plays the part of the photo crew as different characters transform from their mundane selves into who they truly are inside. We asked fans to send us their old portraits and yearbook photos. We used them all but only some made it into the final edit. We covered a lot of ground over a two-day shoot. We even got Kay Hanley (Letters To Cleo) to make an appearance singing her killer backing vocals. It was an exhausting yet completely rewarding experience for us!"

"Picture Day" comes from the band's new album Now Is What Matters Now, which is out today (March 18) on Equal Vision Records.