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Video Premiere: The Dangerous Summer, “Sins”

When we debuted "Sins" from The Dangerous Summer's upcoming album Golden Record, vocalist/bassist AJ Perdomo told us the song was his attempt to "paint the picture of what it feels like to miss someone you love so much" from his own experience of being away from his wife. 

The "Sins" video sees the idea furthered, incorporating, desaturated color and slow-motion effects as a couple (played by band friends Joe Perri and Andie Miller) embrace.

"The concept revolves around two people being torn apart from eachother," says Perdomo. "I think it fits the dark tone of the song, and underlines the lyrics with a theme of loneliness brought on by seperation."

Location: Pollution Studios in Los Angeles
Director: Megan Thompson
Director of Photography: Bryant Jansen