Side projects can deliver unexpected collaborations and unexplored sounds. Case in point: Trade Wind, the new band featuring Stick To Your Guns frontman Jesse Barnett and Stray From The Path guitarist Tom Williams.

“It was exciting for Jesse and I to step out of our normal style of playing music, and to make something that we are both foreign to. We have been close friends for a while and always talked about working together for years, we finally exchanged riffs, got excited about it and made it a real thing. We soon found out that their was a sick chemistry between us musically, and we both couldn't be more proud of the outcome,” Williams told AP.

Above you can watch our premiere of the band's music video for “White Pipes.” The song is culled from Suffer Just To Believe, their debut EP which will be released June 3, 2014 via Other People Records. Check it out on iTunes, or wait for the physical pre-order coming tomorrow.