This is the final installment in a three-part video series. Watch parts one and two.

In our latest artist-on-artist conversation, Craig Mabbitt (Escape The Fate, the Dead Rabbitts) and Tyler “Telle” Smith (The Word Alive) talk about “band hopping.” Smith asks, “Would you stay at your job you f*cking hate if you had a chance to work a better job?”

They also talk about the concerts that inspired them. Mabbit’s first show was Linkin Park’s Projekt Revolution Tour. “I left that show going, ‘I have to do this,’” he says. But it was an early Greely Estates show in a church that really set him on the path to becoming a musician.

“I had a feeling I would love to do this,” says Smith, whose first concert was Pat Benatar and Blondie. “But I never thought it would be possible.”