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Mayday Parade didn’t originally want this song on ‘A Lesson In Romantics’

Mayday Parade’s 2007 debut full-length A Lesson In Romantics is the textbook definition of “fan favorite.” When the Tallahassee, Florida, pop princes signed to Fearless Records, nobody...

Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath doesn’t have this problem with punk anymore

At first glance, it may seem suspect that an acclaimed punk band would be aligned with a DC Comics property. But when Rise Against announced their participation...

IDLES know rock music has changed, but they still want to be your escape

IDLES are the band of the moment in the U.K., where their explosive and powerful music has become one of the soundtracks to a nation in flux....
Geek-Rock bandsvideo

These 6 geek-rock bands are living proof that being a nerd is punk AF

Let's talk about real conspiracy theories. Why is it that in decades of pop culture, anything considered intelligent or elevated is considered suspect? If you're smart and...

Here are 9 times when bands were accused of copying album artwork

Is imitation a form of flattery? Or is it simply annoying? That's what some bands and a lot of fans have to consider when faced with album...
Libra Musicians birthdays halsey ryan seamanvideo

20 Libras in the music scene celebrating their birthday season

We have made it to Libra season! Libras are known for living a life of luxury and appreciating the finer things. You’ll often find Libras to be...

This is how Minor Threat ended up as direct support to the Damned

Do you remember what you were doing around this time last year? We do. Prior to their kickass show at Cleveland’s Agora in August 2019, Bad Religion...

Here are 10 punk-rock icons whose work continues to inspire generations

It does seem positively quaint. But there was a time when it looked like the world completely hated everything regarding punk rock. Popular culture reflected that back...
underrated punk bands from the 2000svideo

These 10 punk bands of the 2000s were underrated but not forgotten

If you're a diehard music fan, you have the story. It usually starts with going to see your favorite band and having to endure an opening act...

DevilDriver got robbed of a Guinness Book Of World Records spot

When Dez Fafara put an end to the nü-metal unit Coal Chamber in 2003, nobody knew what he was up to. Today, the history is there. As...

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