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Interviews With Your Favorite Alt. Rock Artists, Top 10 Lists, Compilation Videos & More

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then videos are anthologies of boundless intrigue, insight and entertainment. Get exclusive artist interviews, new music video releases, unique movie perspectives, counter-culture compilations, countdowns and everything else from within the alternative rock world, courtesy of Alternative Press Magazine’s APTV.



These 18 singers from the 2000s will forever define the scene

Leave it to us to create a video for a list that was bound to fuel some fire. This APTV installment salutes singers from the 2000s whose...

These 10 instrumental bands don’t need singers to get their fury across

It's an old joke that's worth repeating. How many lead singers does it take to change a lightbulb? The answer is zero: Vocalists hold the light bulb...

Here are 10 MTV shows that definitely marked another golden age of TV

The Dead Kennedys once demanded its demise. But MTV shall always remain an arbiter of where we are as a society. When the music television network decided...

These 15 punk albums from 1983 will still floor you decades later

In the '80s, many a cloth-eared critic and social dullard thought punk was just a mindless fad. Here in 2020, we know better than our parents ever...

These 19 scene albums show how 2005 was a great year for music

What were you doing 15 years ago? Updating your Myspace page? Giving yourself tinnitus at top volume? (This writer is definitely projecting.) It's just a hunch, but...

These five records prove exactly how the Damned became punk-rock icons

Real talk? The Damned are the greatest punk band to come out of the United Kingdom. Yes, the Sex Pistols got the notoriety while the Clash got...

Here’s 20 iconic guitar riffs from the 2000s you’ll recognize immediately

What's that old saying? "What goes around comes around?" All we're saying is that plenty of new things grow out of old soil. We saw how the...

Here are 15 Black-owned beauty brands that will keep you looking fierce

The worldwide awareness in support of the Black Lives Matter movement has significantly changed consumers' shopping habits. Especially in the realm of alternative fashion. Fortunately, there are...

These 15 punk albums from 1982 paved the way for so much that followed

We're pretty sure you've heard the old aphorism: "Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it." It's a statement that's always been universally prescient....

These 10 videos offer a much-deserved escape from reality

"May you live in interesting times." Man, whoever came up with that maudlin but effective curse was a genius. Here in 2020, we've got social unrest and...

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