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10 totally great songs that are positively creepy, you just didn’t realize it

Here are some songs you may have loved unconditionally. That's because you didn't completely know what they were about.

March 19, 2020
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Right about now, everybody is familiar with the genre of “dark pop.” The idea of writing songs with killer hooks and depressing lyrics has spread all over the planet. The success of such ruminating artists as twenty one pilots, Melanie Martinez and Billie Eilish speaks volumes. But do they write genuinely creepy songs?

It’s not really a genre, but as we were considering this list, we really thought it should be. Did you ever love a song unconditionally? The kind where you scream the lyrics out at the top of your lungs? Then maybe you look at them online and think, “Uhhh…”? Or maybe you listen to them really closely and then keep yourself awake later that night? It’s OK. We’ve all done it, even your parents. (This is the part in the article where we removed a link to the creepiest song of 1972. Nope. Not gonna do it.)

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Our list of 10 positively creepy songs come from artists far and wide on the rock radar. There are tracks from mega-stars, middle-of-the-road units and some relative unknowns. The only thing they really share is the effect they have on you when you go back to listen to them again. What’s funny is that some of them were placed during love scenes in select TV shows. We bet most of them are on your phone, even as you read this.

We hope you enjoy this list of positively creepy songs. Some may shock you, while others might have you landing on Spotify, with your curiosity killing you. If we’re being honest, we think you might just end up wondering “Really” out loud. Honestly, there’s one guy who works here who swears that one song on this list was about a pair of expensive Reeboks.

Written by Alternative Press Magazine