Long before the All Time Low guys were telling Maria to count them in and Neck Deep were getting through long, lonely Decembers, there was a pop punk renaissance of the early 2000s. These four chord anthems of heartache, teen angst and lip rings are relics most likely found on scratched up CD-Rs underneath the driver’s seat of your first car and instantly make you reminisce holding hands under the High School bleachers and romantically sharing ear buds in the back of English class. These are the forgotten songs that made you pogo dance in your room, doodle anarchy symbols in the margins of your notebooks and asked the eternal question “What’s the Dillio?”

Maybe these pop punk staples made it into heavy rotation on your Spotify playlist, maybe you’ll immediately remember all of the lyrics and start singing along, or hell, maybe you weren’t even born when these came out. Regardless, these are 20 songs that lived in the space between Blink-mania and the phenomenon of All Time Low and contain some of the absolute best choruses you’ll ever hear in your life.