Miss Warped Tour already? Travel back in time with APTV's Nick Major for A Day In The Life of Knuckle Puck from Warped, brought to you by Hot Topic

The band discuss working with our friends at Hope For The Day to raise awareness for suicide prevention and decrease the stigma surrounding discussions of mental health. 

Watch as the band retrieve delicious catering, hang with fans, and decompress on their bus—a surprisingly risky move considering previous Warped bus experiences. 

“Somebody poked their head in [to our bus] and was like, 'Your bus is on fire!,' says guitarist Nick Casasanto. “We all sprinted out of the bus to find that there were flames coming out of our generator door. Luckily, a bunch of guys ran over very quickly with fire extinguishers to put it out.” 

See the tattoos they got to commemorate the fire incident, watch them perform and more! 

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Video: Nick Major Instagram