Andy Biersack (of Black Veil Brides and Andy Black lore) and Juliet Simms recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary. But check this out: You’re getting the present. Our first couple of rock agreed to play a game called “Couple In Quarantine” for APTV. The process is simple, just like the legendary game show The Newlywed Game. We gave Biersack and Simms a number of topics and then asked the couple to write down their answers to see exactly how well they knew each other. What could possibly go wrong?

The answer is clearly nothing. Biersack and Simms are everything you expected them to be. Forthright and funny, with all kinds of self-deprecation. Even when Biersack slightly loses the plot about the game, Simms is there to tweak him. Here we learn about Biersack’s challenges with sandals and Simms’ personal catchphrase. Fans will appreciate the kind of things the couple get up to at 1 in the morning. Or at the grocery store.

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The duo are top notch even when they are dragging on one another. Let’s just say there will be plenty of backpedaling when the couple can finally visit their respective families. There’s even a moment of awkward silence that breaks down the fourth wall in all the best ways. You also get some brief glimpses of their fur kids in action.

When it comes to the last question to determine the winner, Biersack calls it a draw. But Simms ain’t havin’ it. “You’re not going to let me tie this up in a nice bow?” “No, absolutely not,” she fires back. “I want to win.” When it comes to couples in quarantine, you simply can’t go wrong with the laughs and (obviously) the love these two share. Happy belated anniversary, Andy and Juliet. Now go back to sitting, eating and watching shit…