In the final episode of the Andy Biersack and John Feldmann conversation, presented by Musicians Institute, the two talk about songwriting and making new music.

Feldmann says that inspiration can strike at any moment. “I always have a recorder by my bed, because a lot of times it'll be four in the morning and I'll wake up from a dream and be like, 'I gotta record this,'” he says. “I believe songs wait for me in other places. I like to walk around, I like to write in different locations around the world. When you're inspired, write as much as you can.”

Biersack weighed in, too. “One of the biggest problems I have is that if something isn't perfect lyrically, I'm afraid to talk about it. Feldy's more free with the lyrics,” he says.

When asked what the theme of the new Andy Black record will be, Andy had a simple answer: “It's just me. I know that's kind of short, but it's very autobiographical.”

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