Anti-Flag have been on the frontlines of activism and a powerful voice of political commentary in the punk scene for over twenty-five years.
In this APTV exclusive, Justin Sane and Chris #2 discuss their storied career from their days rocking against Bush to their current efforts to start a dialogue about social change while still giving their fans a great time at every show.
Sane and #2 also explained how they deal with the pressures of needing to have the answers and the ultimate importance of affecting individuals, and not the masses, in order to institute incremental social change and interpersonal compassion.
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On Anti-Flag’s last appearance with APTV, Chris #2 talked about the music that’s been ruined for him. Specifically, Chris #2 can’t listen to Bob Dylan.
In fact, he hasn’t listened to Bob Dylan in the last four years. #2 previously loved the iconic musician, but doesn’t know when he’ll be able to listen to the iconic musician again.