Anti-Flag celebrate ’20 Years Of Hell’ with 7-inch subscription series

June 12, 2013
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It's no longer just a song title. As of this year, 20 Years Of Hell is now a parallel of Anti-Flag's tenure in music.

Today, they've paired with AP to announce the way in which they're celebrating it–with 20 Years Of Hell, a 7″/digital subscription series for their fans, which features re-recordings of the most important songs from their history, a digtal membership card that grants exclusive access to downloads and other web features like live video chats and performances by the band, and more.

Here's what's in store for on A-side of each 7″ in the coming months. The B-side will highlight six brand new artists, who will be announced as the series progresses!
VOLUME 1: “Die for the Government” and “Their System doesn’t Work for You”
VOLUME 2: “New Kind of Army” and “Underground Network”
VOLUME 3: “Mobilize” and “The Terror State”
VOLUME 4: “For Blood and Empire” and “A Benefit For The Victims Of Violent Crime”
VOLUME 5: “The Bright Lights Of America” and “The People Or The Gun”
VOLUME 6: “The General Strike” and a NEW UNRELEASED TRACK

Subscriptions are limited to 500, and the first 200 subscribers will be eligible to win to win one of these prizes:
1st Place: an ESP Vintage 204 bass guitar played by Chris#2 on tour and signed by Anti-Flag.
2nd Place: A General Strike LP TEST PRESSING
3rd Place: a “Bacon” Di-cut picture disc LP (OOP)

Find more details and purchase yours now through the Anti-Flag web store!

Written by Cassie Whitt