As Lions debut full-length Selfish Age showcases a change, both lyrically and musically, from frontman Austin Dickinson’s previous band, Rise To Remain. As Lions guitarists Connor O’Keefe & Will Homer were also a part of RTR before disbanding in early 2015.

APTV correspondent Nick Major spoke with Dickinson about their new album and what it’s been like exploring a new direction in music.

“It was a little hard at first. Presenting something that didn’t have constant shredding, constant screaming” says Dickinson in regards to his vocal/lyric transition between projects. “It was about letting go of those easy bits and really working on exactly what I heard in my head. Same goes for Connor, same thing for Will”.

They also discuss what got him into music early in life and the specific meaning behind the album name.

Watch the video interview to hear about all this and more.

Selfish Age is available now.