After a half-tour run in 2016, Silent Planet are hitting the road this summer for their first full Vans Warped Tour.

APTV's Nick Major caught up with frontman Garrett Russell and discussed Warped Tour, his writing process and more.

In regards to writing songs based on real world events such wars or particular people, Russell says, “I think, for me, every song is like a different universe that I kind of get into [and] it takes a lot of time because every song… is its own research project.”

They also spoke about the Think TEI creative writing course Russell will be teaching over Warped Tour this summer. The class, which he has decided to call ‘Writing Against the Machine’ aims to teach people “how to construct a narrative that has a message behind it”.

Watch the full video-interview for more information on all this and a lot more.

Catch Silent Planet on Warped Tour all summer long and don’t forget to sign up for Garret’s Think TEI class!