Watch August Burns Red grill each other with tough band trivia

You'd be surprised at all the tiny details these guys know about each other.

March 27, 2020
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August Burns Red had their impossibly heavy tour with Killswitch Engage cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic. But that didn’t stop the band from quizzing each other on ABR trivia in this telling installment of APTV’s Burning Questions.

While the August Burns Red members are self-isolating apart from each other, we had them grill each other over their phones. They questioned each other on some of the most minute details of the band. Who was the producer of their first EP, Looks Fragile To Me? And what band was he in? How many Canadian gigs did they play the first year bassist Dustin Davidson joined? And what other bands were on that tour? Who dared to talk smack on Jake Luhrs’ bellowing scream from a Warped Tour stage? Who insists on having his full name rendered in all the albums’ credits? The answers may indeed shock you!

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But then they dive deeper for the personal details of the members! What drumming idol did Matt Greiner buy his first drum kit from? And what band was he in? Can you guess the number of trading cards guitarist JB Brubaker has of his favorite baseball player? How many peaks of the Adirondack Mountains has Davidson scaled? What was the name of Luhrs’ beer league hockey team? No, not the Mighty Ducks. Try again. You may be impressed by exactly how much August Burns Red know each other.

This may be the perfect way for bands and fans to break up their pandemic-induced boredom. Get to know August Burns Red even better while also abiding by the CDC’s recommendations for social distancing. Bang your head, wash your hands, and get ready for the members of August Burns Red to answer every single one of these Burning Questions!

Written by Alternative Press Magazine