AP Senior Editor Ryan J. Downey chats with Being As An Ocean in the Gibson Backstage Lounge after winning the award for “Best Underground Band” at the 2015 APMAs. 

The band expresses their appreciation for the award and explains the tales they tell through each song on the group's self-titled album.

“We have three stories that are involved in our latest album—two of them dealing heavily with domestic abuse, which is the darkest thing we've ever gone into, just lyrically and thematically. One story was of a close friend and his struggle with being abused by his father all throughout his life and right before his death, coming to a reconciliation with him,” said Joel Quartuccio.

“One story is a police call that a buddy of mine was riding along on and he witnessed some terrible things. It's a contemplation of human nature and trying to focus the things that can be redemptive and restorative in human nature. Taking the bad, but knowing the good can be pulled out of things,” Quartuccio continues. 

“The third [story] is a historical fiction, if you will, of trying to take the place of Judas and really kind of paint a different picture—a more human one,” said Quartuccio.

Hear Joel and the rest of the band explain each story that inspired the album in the video above!—Chelsea Renee Scofield

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Interview: Ryan J. Downey
Video/Editing: Bobby Makar
Segment Producer: Cassie Whitt