Brendon Urie answers students’ questions in this episode of the APTV Musician’s Institute Conversations series, hosted by Ryan J. Downey.

Urie talked about his writing process, and says that he gets inspired from lunch conversations with friends, jokes and other songs he listens to. “I listen to a lot of music, and I haven’t even made a dent in what is possible to hear,” he says.

Another student was curious about a line in Panic! At The Disco song “Victorious,” where the word “rock” is said in a different voice. Urie explains that he used the phone application Siri to create the line.

Though most questions focused on his experience creating music or touring, one student asked Urie about his scariest moment. He told the story of flying from Tokyo to Osaka to play a festival, when the plane was hit by lightning and all the power turned off. Urie was convinced it would be the end of his life, but luckily the power turned back on.

Watch the video to hear more about Urie’s life and music!

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