Prior to his sustaining a leg injury that would cancel the remainder of Linkin Park’s tour with Rise Against and Of Mice & Men, vocalist Chester Bennington sat down with APTV for an interview.

APTV Nashville correspondent Philip Obenschain sat down with Bennington to discuss the since-cancelled “Hunting Party Tour,” the band’s return to their heavier sound and what it was like for Linkin Park to take on Warped Tour for a day last summer.

“It was the first time I didn’t feel like I was the new guy,” Bennington said, noting that while it was uncomfortable to be surrounded by so many people who wanted to sing his praises there, he felt it was ultimately where the band belonged.

“It’s really neat to see [the legacy of our music], because we don’t think of ourselves that way or see ourselves in that way. We just want to keep making music and try to be creative, because that’s what makes life fun for us; that’s all we focus on.”