Crown The Empire recently visited the APTV studio and gave us an update on their impending third album. 

They talk about starting from scratch after feeling limited by concepts, but the band are definitely still keeping a thematic element to their band

“When we decided we were going to abandon the story (we couldn't stick with the story forever), we still wanted to have themes and motifs involved with it. I think the one everyone gravitated toward was 'space.' This whole space motif,” explains drummer Brent Taddie. 

Vocalist David Escamilla adds, “It's not even literal space. It's the idea of open space.” 

The connotations of how space could be construed is infinite, as the band explains—whether its distancing yourself from your past or other people or giving yourself space to grow. The band are exploring the concept at every angle at this stage in the process. 

The band consider this a fresh start with fewer boundaries and freedom to break previous barriers, where they can focus on putting out heartfelt music that feels right to them.

Interview: Cassie Whitt
Video/Editing: Bobby Makar