AP Correspondent Nick Major takes us behind the scenes of the one-year anniversary of Emo Night with co-founders T.J. Petracca, Morgan Freed, and Barbara “Babs” Szabo.

“Emo night was a place in a small bar in Echo Park where we wanted all of our friends to just come and have fun with us,” Freed reminisced. Petracca adds that one of the biggest steps they took was moving from the Short Stop to the Echoplex. “I just picked the Short Stop because it was a bar close to my house that I could stumble home from.” 

On the day of the documented event, after a year of growth and providing a space for LA's outcasts, Emo Night had people lining up for the event over six hours before doors opened, but they weren’t the only ones that were excited.

 “I’m definitely gonna cry,” Petracca confessed.

Look out for testimonials from Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional as well as Have Mercy and an appearance from Jack Barakat.  

 “I’ve been excited about getting myself to Emo Night not just as a performer,” Carrabba said. “A friend called me frantic like, ‘you’re not gonna believe this, but it feels like when we went to shows or we booked our own nights, it feels like that all over again. You gotta come to one of these.’”

Chris continues, ”It’s in the hands of the fans again and not being force-fed to anybody.”

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Video/Editing/Production: Nick Major