APTV correspondent Nick Major chats with Every Time I Die frontman Keith Buckley about being reliant on the internet, the harsh Buffalo winter (and his tips for maintaining a beautiful lawn through it) and his father’s Christmas traditions and how he’s encouraging them to get more involved in the world of ETID.

“I’m trying to convince him and mom to start a food truck,” Buckley says. “I think it’s natural to do: Just cook their chicken wings and follow us on tour. It’d be perfect. Anyone who has had their wings, I think would demand it.”

Plus, if you haven’t gotten your act together for this year’s Christmas, Buckley has some present-buying advice.

“You either do it online three months before, or you wait til the very last minute and go to the mall,” he says. “I love it, because I’m just scrambling and you’re not overthinking anything. If you see something and think, ‘They would like that,’ you just grab it, and then it’s like, that was a natural purchase. You’re not spending all this time wondering what the best thing to get them is. You see it, and you buy it.”

Buckley also talks about spending the winter in Australia, a vibrant contrast to the Buffalo winters he mentioned earlier.

And in light of the discussion recently started by ETID guitarist Jordan Buckley’s kicking a phone out of a fan’s hand (for the record: We found out later that the fan actually caught the phone before it dropped and used it to take a photo with Jordan after the show), Keith clears up his own thoughts on fans jumping on stage with the band.

“I like it. I really do. Sometimes it’s fun and it’s funny and gives you a cool little reminder that people are still into it.”

Just, you know, don’t be like “that guy” Buckley describes who was scratching him, being super-drunk and hitting girls.