FEVER 333 are poised to excite and influence the masses with the release of their highly anticipated debut album STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS in January. However, they’re more than a band. They’re a movement on a mission to use their platform as an open dialogue to speak their truths and exchange ideas with anyone with an open mind.

Before you listen to their impassioned “Burn It,” get a deeper understanding behind FEVER 333’s message in this APTV exclusive. Here, they discuss everything from cultural representation to the accountability of media outlets and assure you that hope comes from empathy and embracing the world beyond the comment section of a tiny glowing screen.

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Announced today, the band will be releasing their debut full-length STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS, on Jan. 18.

Preorder for the album are currently available now, with exclusive bundles set to be coming soon. You can purchase your copy of it here.

The band also dropped a brand new song called “Burn It” in addition to announcing their forthcoming album. Frontman Jason Aalon Butler and Djay Brauner directed the track’s official video. You can watch the music video for here.