Did internet really kill the video star?
That's the question former AP&R band the Limousines pose in their brand new, zombie-fied video, and ironically enough, it's the same reason we decided to start our own weekly video "show." While we don't have anything resembling a Carson Daly (thankfully?), each week we'll be bringing you world premieres, previously unreleased videos and clips from the vault that we think didn't get quite as much play as they should've in their day.

In this episode, we're headlined by the premiere of SING IT LOUD's feel-good "Here With You" video from the band's latest, Everything Collide.

THE LIMOUSINES get all Romero on us with their "Thriller"-esque take on zombies (in bikinis) in "Internet Killed The Video Star."

Christian metal outfit A PLEA FOR PURGING return with another shockingly hilarious clip—this time for "Shiver" from the band's The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell.

ANARBOR let us debut their previously unreleased live video for "Gypsy Woman," which you can hear in its full studio glory on The Words You Don't Swallow.

And we cap things off with EVERY AVENUE's early video for "Where Were You?," which you might have missed back in 2008.

All in all, a pretty solid 20-minute show if you ask us—that's 100 fewer than some other weekly video shows…

Tim Karan