Coheed And Cambria take you behind the scenes of their new music video for “You Got Spirit, Kid.” The track is taken from the band’s new album, The Color Before The Sun, which comes out October 16. (Pre-order it here.)

Drummer Josh Eppard (who plays the naked school mascot) chats with AP about the video:

Did you get chosen or volunteer to play the (naked) lead in the  “You Got Spirit, Kid” music video? 
EPPARD: Well, when Claudio heard someone had to be naked he said “Josh will do it!” I live on a bus with a bunch of people and have virtually zero time to myself. Sometimes you gotta be naked in front of people. 

Any advice for actors who have to do nude scenes? 
Not really since I wasn't really naked. They told us it's illegal to be naked on school grounds so I had a cloth over my junk. 

Favorite moment from the YGSK video, other than your butt shot?
My favorite thing was prob being in the mascot suit. Even though it could've been anyone in there! I assure you it was me. And it was hot. Hotter than anything have ever felt. I torture myself for this band.