Benji and Billy of pop punk royals Good Charlotte recently caught up with APTV to chat about the very first GC band practice, the first musicians they ever considered to be cool and the perils of being a family man on the road.
The band also discussed a hometown hero who nearly put Benji on a very different career path and the iconic riff that helped Madden make sense of his instrument in this APTV exclusive.
Recently, Good Charlotte just released their new “Self Help” music video.
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The new video follows the release of a compassionate “Prayers” clip that zeroes in on the struggle facing many immigrant families in the U.S., and it featured an actual friend of the band. In the video, the family live and work in fear of possible deportation by I.C.E.

The band performed the track during an NFL halftime show earlier this month as the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Denver Broncos.

The new video for “Self Help” follows a protagonist prepping for a fight. The scenes fall in line with lyrics such as “And it cuts like a knife/It feels like a fight to take back your life.”

The plot mixes in with an emotional live performance from the band. The video is directed by Jake Stark who has worked with artists such as Chase Atlantic and the Dose, and the latter are currently on the road with GC.