grandson knows how you feel. The artist known to his parents as Jordan Edward Benjamin isn’t going to beat himself up during the pandemic. And he doesn’t think you should, either. He explains his position on the new episode of AP Phoner with Altpress content director Paige Owens in no uncertain terms.

“There’s so much garbage that permeates through your phones,” grandson tells Owens. “Whether it’s your headphones or on Instagram or whatever. There are so many things to bring you down and make you scared. If I can weasel my way into your timeline in one way or another, I always want to make sure I’m doing so cautiously. And to promote the right thing.”

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Naturally, we expect grandson to keep things real. But he also keeps things real positive. He’s truly a fountain of good, discussing ways to mitigate the depression and sadness of quarantined living. He also posits on how the world got in this situation in the first place, explaining the difference between private and public health.

“If there’s any one thing we need to recognize is that public health is our private health. If the person next to you on the bus is sick, that is your responsibility as much as theirs. Who knows how you are taking that home to your loved ones? I think we need to much more consciously recognize how we take care of sick people in this country.”

In addition, grandson takes time to reflect on the last live gig he played, as well as the loyalty he feels toward his touring crew. And he’s thinking down the road, on everything from virtual and augmented realities to the future of music itself.

All in all, this edition of AP Phoner brings much of grandson’s altruistic worldview into focus. Offering everything from daily affirmations of support and how to help others, he’s paying the concern forward. “I try to remain as optimistic as best as I can that we’re going to learn from these things and be better for them,” grandson says. “That’s partially why I use rock music.”