How to play Aiden’s “Die Romantic” with William Francis

January 18, 2016
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As Aiden move on to the final chapter of their Last Sunrise tour—the band's final run—we took some time with frontman William Francis to celebrate Aiden history with a guitar tutorial for one of their most iconic songs: “Die Romantic.” The song was one of three singles from Nightmare Anatomy (which, by the way, is being played in full on that tour I mentioned earlier), and was many fans' first introduction to the band.

In this tutorial, Francis takes you through both guitar parts and shares the secret to achieving Aiden's raw sound for yourself.

“I just fucking plug my shit into the amp, and if it sounds crunchy, let's rock,” he says. “Just plug the guitar into the amp and turn the gain up. That's all you need to do.”

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Sing along one last time at the following UK dates:

  Jan 18 The Cathouse Glasgow, United Kingdom  
  Jan 20 The Key Club Leeds, Uk  
  Jan 21 The Rainbow Courtyard Birmingham, United Kingdom  
  Jan 25 The Junction Plymouth, United Kingdom  
  Jan 26 The Scene Swansea, United Kingdom  
  Jan 29 Underworld London, United Kingdom  
  Jan 30 The Garage London, United Kingdom  
  Jan 31 Underworld London, United Kingdom

Video/Editing: Bobby Makar
Segment Producer/Director: Cassie Whitt

Written by Cassie Whitt