In this episode of APTV's If I Ruled The World, Tony Lovato (Mest, London Falling) discusses how the world would change if he was in charge.

Lovato would create a national holiday for parent nap day; he talks about raising his son and how tiring it is, and how he wants a day where he can sleep. “I think there should be five of them throughout the year, though,” he says, laughing.

Lovato says his running mate would be Ryan Reynolds, and that the world would be in a constant state of partying if he ruled it—but, he clarifies, it would be like a party at midnight, before people get too drunk and bored.

He also says he'd rule with kindness instead of fear. “The nicer you are to people, the nicer they're going to be back,” he says.

Check out what else he has to say in the video!