What would the world be like if members of Get Scared ruled it? In this APTV episode, we asked the band all the most important questions that would go into world leadership.

Their slogan? “Up with hope, down with dope,” says guitarist Adam Virostko. Vocalist Nicholas Matthews thinks it should be “Smoke 'em if you got 'em”

When it came to what the band would ban, they had a variety of ideas. “I would ban red lights that you have to stop at in small towns,” says guitarist Johnny Braddock. “Have you ever stopped at a red light and you can't go, and you're just wasting your life away?”

Bassist Lloyd Iverson would declare war on the words he doesn't like, such as “malt” and “canker.” “Certain words just irrationally make me so angry,” says Iverson.

In the end, everyone in the video agreed that they should probably not rule the world. See their goofy ideas in the video, and like and subscribe for more!