In the second part of our MI Conversation with Andy Biersack and John Feldmann, the two talk about their experiences putting together the upcoming Andy Black album and some of the guests who will appear on it.

Biersack talks about how his voice changed through different Black Veil Brides albums, as he improved his vocal skills. “I can definitely give credit to John for that,” he says.

When it comes to the content on the album, the two decided to write songs about subjects that hit close to home, including the death of one of Biersack's close friends. “It was a really emotional time for Andy and we wanted to put in a song on the record,” says Feldmann.

Biersack explained that he decided to make his Andy Black album to be fair to Black Veil Brides. “One of the biggest problems I had as a fan of many bands growing up was that the singer would get an idea of a whole different genre of music that he or she was interested in and then the band would change entirely from record to record,” says Biersack. “I feel like you can't deny what [Black Veil Brides have] come to a point where we feel comfortable with who we've become as a band.”

The new album breaks away from the Black Veil Brides sound, and incorporates the help of other musicians including Mikey and Gerard Way. “This is the closest thing to a My Chemical Romance reunion on your album,” Feldmann says to Biersack, laughing.

Check out what else the two artists talk about in the video!

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Host: Ryan J. Downey