APTV caught up with former Flyleaf frontwoman, now solo artist, Lacey Sturm at Welcome To Rockville festival to find out what advice she would give her youngers self.

Sturm encourages herself not to give up even when she feels afraid of the future, knowing now that her own darkness will turn into beautiful creations that will ultimately help more people.

She also encourages herself to live while she's young and not let guys get in the way of her fun, and to maybe make better tour food choices.

“We used to eat this terrible thing with Fritos. We would fill it with nacho cheese and chili from the gas station, and we would eat that out of a bag,” she describes. Yikes!

Who would you like to see on “Note To Self“next?


Video: Alexis Howick
Directors: Caitlyn Ralph and Amber Funk
Series Producer: Cassie Whitt