Check out the premiere of the Life And Times' video for “Day One.” The song is on the Kansas City band's new album, No One Loves You Like I Do, out Jan. 17. Says vocalist/guitarist Allen Epley:

“I think the way we wanted to approach this video was to create a fairly complex narrative between the girl and the guy from a very simple set of actions, which is their struggle off the couch and across the floor until he dominates her. At the end of the whole thing, we're left wondering whether it was a playfully consensual tussle between lovers–or was there something darker happening there? There's themes of obsession and desperation and co-dependance and abuse, wrapped in a lovely and slightly erotically charged scenario. The slow-motion camera idea came about as a kind of sweet to counter saltiness of the driving beat of the song itself. They sort of work together in a syrupy, juxtaposed way.'