AP Senior Editor Ryan J. Downey chats with Motionless In White in the Gibson Backstage Lounge after their performance with Rob Zombie at the 2015 APMAs. 

Chris talks about his infamous $7,000 Tom Ford suit, which he wore on the red carpet and after the show, but—don't be mistaken—he didn't wear it onstage (nor in this interview.) We can't have any $1,000 rips on our hands! 

They also talk about their impending tour with Slipknot, playing with Rob Zombie and what it feels like to accomplish their dreams as a band. 

“All ages of me are stoked,” says vocalist Chris Motionless. “Not just 16-year-old me, but like 25-year-old me. I'm sure 70-year-old me is going to look back and be even more stoked about it. It's great.” 

They also delve into the beginnings of their follow-up to Reincarnate.

“I've been writing for the past few months at my house,” says guitarist Ryan Sitkowski. “Every shred of spare time I have at home is just spent in front of my computer screen with my guitar. Same with [guitarist Ricky Horror].”

For now, it's still too early to tell which direction their next album might take, but Chris mentions offhand that the recording process may begin circa next spring.

Interview: Ryan J. Downey Twitter
Video/Editing: Bobby Makar 
Segment Producer: Cassie Whitt Twitter