If you think that Neck Deep are losing sleep or even thinking twice about what people say about them (especially on the internet), you’re sorely mistaken. In fact, the only reason they’d pay attention to trolling comments is to find inspiration for their next wave of tour merch.
The Neck Deep boys caught up with APTV at their “The Peace and the Panic” Tour 2 stop in Cleveland to dismiss misconceptions and come up with pro wrestling personas. They also reflect on all of the illustrious album art that have helped make the pop punk outfit’s career so iconic.
Find out which famous “Step Brother” would most likely front Neck Deep in the band’s biopic. And, find out which ’90s song they’d like to cover next and much more in this APTV exclusive.
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Recently, the Neck Deep boys have been talking about mental health issues. Their cover of “Torn” will feature on Hopeless Records’ Songs That Saved My Life compilation. On World Mental Health Day, vocalist Ben Barlow talked about mental health and how it affects people in an interview.

“We are are hoping that this content will engage people with the subject matter, whether that is just to post a comment sharing your opinion, or to be able to start a conversation with someone you care about,” reads the video’s description.

Hope For The Day is a Chicago mental health organization that works for proactive suicide prevention through outreach and mental health education. And in the face of global suicide rates, the musician gets real about the epidemic.

“I know people who’ve tried to take their own lives,” says Barlow. “Been close to people who are just severely depressed and don’t know what to do about it. And I’ve had a lot of conversations with people close to me about what they can do.

“There’s no quick fix,” he continues. “But having those conversations will immediately make you feel better. I’m not a psychiatrist, but just saying, ‘Here are your options, it’s not as bad as you think.’ Depression cuts off any sort of perception.”