Oh, Weatherly track “I Think I Want You” was one we just couldn’t stop listening to in 2018…but we never expected to hear it like this.

In this APTV exclusive, Oh, Weatherly (temporarily) break up, swap instruments and cover “I Think I Want You” as Colt ‘N The Weatherlys.

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Get ready to get extra emo during a particularly inspired bridge and experience this song like you never have before.

The band shared a new music video a few weeks back for a reimagined version of “Without My Ring (I Think I Want You).” The track is featured on their new EP, Lips Like Oxygen Reimagined, which consists of different versions of three tracks from their 2018 Lips Like Oxygen EP.

“We wanted to do something a little different than just transfer the songs to acoustic guitar, so we got creative,” vocalist Blake Roses says. “This EP is a combination of different genres that we love which come together to make LLO Reimagined.”

The band recently wrapped a run with Never Loved and Boys Of Fall. While on the road, drummer Colton Lakey fulfilled his dream of performing in front of a Taco Bell logo.

The musician jokingly followed up the stunt by writing, “We in now way own the rights to this logo. Please do not sue us Taco Bell. We [heart] you.

TheLips Like Oxygen Reimagined EP is available now via Hopeless RecordsLips Like Oxygen EP is also available here.

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